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I have always been an avid "Sunbather" until 2004, following a visit to the dermatologist.​ There I was told that tests revealed that I had some precancerous cells in two places on my chest that needed to be removed. I have scars where those precancerous cells were removed. That same day the doctor removed about 18 other 'spots' by freezing them, which was very uncomfortable and painful! That total experience left me feeling like I never wanted to expose my body to UV rays again without some very powerful sunscreen! ...

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My Personal Story and Tanning Experience


However, I grew up in the 70's and 80's with my parents and friends using baby oil, mayonnaise and any other product that had NO SUNSCREEN in them whatsoever.  

I entered a tanning salon in 2005 to talk with them about becoming an advertiser with me for another business that I owned and as I was talking with the owner, she mentioned that they offered Spray Tanning.  I'll have to admit.... I didn't really know about spray tanning at all at that point. All I had heard about it were the negative things that I'm sure you all have heard as well like..... orange color, streakiness, etc . I told her I would like to try it and her airbrush technician spray tanned me and I haven't looked back since.  That was a definite "ah ha" moment for me and a turning point in my life!

I absolutely LOVED it!  I had some friends ask me if I had whitened my teeth or lightened my hair. When I told them no, that I had gotten a spray tan, they couldn't believe how natural looking it was and how it truly looked like a REAL UV tan. You may feel the same as me.... but I know if I have a tan or a little color I feel more confident and better about myself.  I think my clothes look better on me and I have a glow that I normally don't have without a tan!  I was TAN and using a SAFE method to achieve the results!

I hate cancer (any type of cancer).  My precious mother Vera passed away from colon cancer in October 1999 and she had some skin cancer as well.  So I am truly motivated to help others have that Natural Glowing tan and at the same time educate them about the extrememly harmful damage that can be done by exposing the skin to UVA and UVB rays!  I enjoy helping people to feel good about themselves too. So becoming an owner of a Spray Tanning company was an easy decision for me.  Therefore, Natural Glow Spray Tans was born in 2007.

I am NOT inside of a salon ... I am completely MOBILE, which means I come to you!   Please schedule with me in as much advance as possible.

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